Cloud SysOps Admin[100IT]

Expired on: Jun 14, 2021

Job Description

· 4+ years of experience in cloud technologies, especially in AWS & Azure, with overall IT experience of 7-8 plus years.

· Experience in creating Cloud based infrastructure as per business requirements and within the Organization framework

· Experience in creating infrastructure within secure VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) of AWS/Azure

· Experience in creating and maintaining scripts to provision/de-provision instances required for workloads.

· Maintain organizational security compliances like passwords, key rotation policies

· Create & maintain various types of alerts that monitor systems health and report any issues to SysOps team to resolve and/or escalate to the right teams

· Cost savings/Cost Optimization is a vital activity, lifecycle management from start/stop instances to ensuring adherence to regular checks on what all can be optimized

· Collaborate and work with DEV team to deploy newer version patches/fixes for vulnerabilities for cloud servers

· Managing full AWS/Azure Lifecycle, Provisioning, Automation and Security.

· Migrating existing on premise applications to AWS/Azure cloud.

· Setting up and administering multi-tier workload environments

· Configure and fine-tune cloud infrastructure systems (account/regions/zones etc.)

· Perform cloud platform level software upgrades

· Develop scripts for automating Cloud/server tasks

· Establish and improve metrics, monitor cloud AWS/Azure utilization of resources using CloudWatch

· Perform on premise resources backup by utilizing AWS Services

· Deploy automation infrastructure by utilizing AWS Cloud Formation techniques

Job Category: IT
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Bangalore Gurgaon
Sorry! This job has expired.