Dock Manager Logistic [50ENG]

Closing on: Aug 31, 2021

We are hiring for reputed Lubricant oil manufacturing company

ROLE: TO ENSURE SMOOTH OPERATION OF IMPORT CARGO HANDLING   ROLE DESCRIPTION: Upon arrival of Mother vessel boarding the ship with surveyor   Monitoring Ships tank Gauging/ Ullage ( headspace or volume by which a liquid container falls short of being full) prior discharging cargo   Monitoring  ship tank ullage  for Cargo cutting when loaded in Co- mingle condition   Once discharge is completed , boarding gthe barges to guage tanks for cargo   Monitoring Tanker Loading frfom Barge (14 VD) Docks   Checking Tankers before Loading  and after Loading for Theft of Cargo   Filing Documents at Office   Assisting Mr Rakesh Saini/Akshata for Export Container and Vessel Booking.   Total Logistics Movement Handling;  Incoming and Outgoing of the Company.  
QUALIFICATION:   Any Graduate/B. Sc./B.E Chemical   CANDIDATE SPECIFICATIONS:   Shipping knowledge, checking of barges and ships; calculation of Ship demurrages and lay time, discharge operations;On board checking ships and barges, checking of tankers;Insurance , customs and BPT working knowledge and paper work with Shipping line, customs, BPT & Transporters and InsuranceWorking knowledge with Manufacturing companies in Bulk Liquid TransportationBulk Transportation aspect, tanker knowledge, sealing of tankers, working systems; log book maintenanceGeographical knowledge, travel experience and knowledge of RTO rules/National Permits etc

Budget upto- 3.60LPA

Job Category: Petro Chemical
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Mumbai

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