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Are you ready to write for us?


  • Are you enthusiastic about business, startup, job, or, human resources?
  • Maybe you are an HR or entrepreneur or businessman and want to share your work experience with us?
  • Can you write quality content that is exciting to read?


Our site visitors are passionate HR or entrepreneur or businessman, and just ordinary people who are looking for some amazing ideas and/or cool tips.

So, make sure your article can grab our readers’ attention:

  • Make it relevant, make it actionable and interesting.
  • If this is something that can make our readers live beautifully – it’s something that we would love to publish.
  • The last thing the internet needs is another half-baked blog post. So the aim is 550+  words.

Go through

  • 1: Write to us that you want to post a guest post and include the previous posts that you have written
  • 2:  We will go through your previous posts and see if you are a good fit for our blog
  • 3: If you have done a good job, congratulations. We will invite you to write to us – the topic is also given by us
    • Bring your A-game. If we don’t see how our readers could use the information provided we will reject you from proceeding to the next step.
  • 4: Together with the final post send 1-2 sentence author bio and a picture.
  • 5:  We will publish your post and make sure that all our readers see your article.


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